Meet Andrew Oldham, Chef de Cuisine

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“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” ~Julia Child

When asked about his approach to life and cooking, the word that comes up most often is “learning.” As chef de cuisine at Eritage, Andrew Oldham is looking forward to embracing a new challenge by collaborating on the Eritage culinary program with James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson. “I am constantly inspired and driven daily to learn as much as I can. I am a firm believer that we always have more to learn.”

Andrew grew up in Seattle, Washington and graduated from The NOVA Project, an alternative high school focused on a collaborative and student-led curriculum. Food and cooking was an important part of growing up for Andrew. “I have loved cooking for as long as I can remember and have always felt at home in the kitchen. My mother is an avid Julia Child fan and may have prepared everything from her repertoire at least once during my years at home,” he recalls.

Andrew was eager to learn all he could in the culinary field and began his career as a dishwasher. An early position at Café Campagne gave him the chance to work with one of his greatest mentors, Daisley Gordon. “Daisley once told me early on to set goals for myself as a chef and keep learning and not become complacent.” Over the span of his 15 years in Seattle restaurants he continued to learn, growing in his career as the sous chef at Le Pichet and executive chef at Lecosho. In 2013, Andrew moved to Walla Walla to serve as corporate chef for Waterbrook, where he had the opportunity to develop a food program from the ground up for multiple locations. “It was a wonderful learning opportunity and I am grateful for the invaluable experience.”

In April 2018, Andrew joined the team at Eritage and sees the menu as a reflection of the wonderful community of farmers in the Walla Walla area. “These farmers are our friends and neighbors. The menu will reflect all of the care taken from the time seeds are planted, to the time it all comes together in a dish. I see the kitchen filled with an abundance of fresh, seasonal produce and meats from local farms being prepared with great care and focus on technique.”

He and his wife, Tricia Rose, have been married for almost 7 years and have two beautiful daughters, Charlotte (5) and Georgia (4), as well as two dogs Jack and Lady. Andrew and his young family enjoy gathering for meals and cooking together. He says that they are always mixing things up and cooking something different at home. Andrew also enjoys working in his garden, playing the cello and listening to country music.

Andrew is enjoying the process of getting Eritage ready to be a wonderful addition to Walla Walla. When asked about what he is most excited about, he says “Learning as much as I can from Chef Wilson. Also, the view from my new office isn’t too bad either.” Andrew and the team look forward to welcoming you this summer to his “view office” in the Eritage dining room.